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Children's Ministry
Encourages and nurtures children to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Word of God. This is done by modeling children's programs and events that give them opportunities to develop of all areas in their lives, and by providing a creative, loving inspirational environment that cultivates the love of Jesus.

Evangelism & Outreach Ministry
Preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside the boundaries of the church walls to the unsaved and backslidden. Equips the body of Christ to carry out the Great Commission by teaching them skills that will aid them in being an effective witness. Evangelism promotes healing to the whole man through ministering to the mind by preaching peace and prosperity, to the body by providing food, clothing and shelter and to the spirit by preaching salvation and spiritual growth.

In addition, we receive new converts during worship service and explain to them the free gift of salvation and the love of Jesus Christ.

Helps Ministry
Supports the church family but utilizing creative venues that promotes spiritual growth and provides natural support.

Adjutants Ministry
Protect and support Senior Pastor and First Lady spiritually and physically. Serve as Armour bearers. (Pastor and First Lady appointment required to join).

Care Ministry
Expresses the love of God through telephone calls for encouragement and family visitation based on personal needs assessment. Examples of needs includes but not limited to: birth of a child, death of a loved one, illness, hospitalization, extended absence from the church worship service.  Administrative Assistance Ministry.
Encourages, supports, and serves the Pastor and his family. Plan and schedules special occasions (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, appreciations, etc.) of the Pastor and his family. Supports the First Family in their spiritual and temporal needs. (Overseer and First Lady Gwin appointment required to join).

Facilities Ministry
Assist in the cleaning and upkeep of the church building and property, Ensures that all need maintenance are properly reported and repaired.

Health Care Ministry
Provides workshops, activities and programs to facilitate building a healthy lifestyle. This is done through teaching about diet, exercise and preventative medical assistance, and providing resources in the community that encourages healthy practices.

Hospitality Ministry
Greets members and visitors with the Agape love of God as they enter into worship service as well as serve refreshments after service. Formally welcomes the visitors during service and maintains the visitors' cards and gifts.

Security Ministry
Labors to maintain a safe ministry environment and assist in the prevention of criminal activities. Monitors the parking lots and buildings. Directs traffic, provides escorts for women that are walking alone, and assists individuals with vehicle problems.

Transportation Ministry
Organizes transportation for members and visitors to and from worship services and special programs.

Kingdom Greeters Ministry
Creates an atmosphere that glorifies God. Doorkeepers escort people into the house of God, maintain order, orchestrates movement during worship service and prayer ministry lines and helps to respond to emergencies that occur during service.

Wise Council Ministry
Expressed the love of God through the nurturing and loving expressions of a mother. Shares the wisdom of God to assist in the discipleship and spiritual maturity of younger Christians. (They are comprised of seasoned and mature women. Overseer and Lady Gwin appointment required to join).

Membership Ministry
Maintains records of all members, contacts, visitors and aids in providing new member orientation by receiving new members and conditioning new member receptions. Traditions new member into the ministry by assigning Lay Pastors as their spiritual support.

Lay Pastors Ministry
Serves as an extension of the Senior Pastor. Provides spiritual emotional, and physical care support to their designated members.

Media Ministry
Media handles sales, shipping, and outreach venues of media products.

Sound and production Ministry
Oversees the operation, production and maintenance of the church's audio system, microphones, and instruments.

Christian Education Ministry
Educates and equips believers by teaching biblical principles that empower and strengthen the spirit man for the work of the ministry, Coordinates kingdom classes for new members and supports new converts in discipleship by helping them to establish essential foundational principles. In addition, reviews and approves all ministry training materials and develops leadership training curriculum. The Senior Pastor, Senior Deacon and Director of Ministries will approve the final leadership curriculum.

Men's Ministry
Provides fellowship opportunities for the men of the local church and community. Provides a forum for the men of the church to provide support for the whole man, body, soul, and spirit. The Men's Ministry sponsors workshops, programs, Bible Studies and activities that will enhance every man's life, as he becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Women's Ministry
Provides fellowship opportunities for the women of the local church body and community. Provides a forum for the women of the church to provide support for the whole woman, body, soul, and spirit. The Women's Ministry sponsors workshops, programs, Bible Studies, and activities that will enhance every woman's life as she becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Worship and Arts
Enhances all aspects of the worship experience. Utilizes the various gifts of arts (i.e. music, dance, drama, etc.) to usher people into the presence of the Lord; thus creating an atmosphere of reverence and celebration that lifts up the name of Jesus.

Youth Ministry
Offer spiritual training, support and fellowship activities for the youth activities for youth ages 12-17 in the church and community. Develops programs and activities to meet the needs of the young people of today.


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