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Name: Packers and Movers
Date: 11/16/2015
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Name: Ammi John
Date: 11/07/2015
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Name: Lynn R. Adams
Date: 11/06/2015
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Name: Tisha McIver
Date: 11/04/2015
Message: I really like the new improvements that are taking place around our minisry and on our website. Thabks Bishop Gwin, Its more user-friendly...can you let the web master know. A webmaster (from web and master),also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible site

Name: Send your prevailing hand
Date: 10/25/2015
Message: Send your prevailing hand. On the off chance that you typically compose with his right hand, and burn through 15 minutes a day to compose with his left hand. Send a force left to the right 50% of the cerebrum to take a more dynamic hand.

Name: Tisha Slade-McIver
Date: 09/23/2015
Message: The excitement is buzzing about the "NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND" Fall revival... I feel the Shift in the atmosphere!! Changing of the Guards. Spirit of the Word Church... in more that One Location, is on the Move thanks to Bishop Gwin and Pastor Denise Gwin, come check us out!

Name: Trina Holloway
Date: 08/02/2015
Message: Message to my Haters... This message truly helped me realign my thinking! The devil can't do nothing to me Gods promises I will hold onto...I up and building again! Praise God!

Name: Monica
Date: 08/02/2015
Message: I do need my fire started in my life. I feel like I am just here. Thank you Bishop and the other leaders for the meeting today. Well needed

Name: gashaon lame
Date: 07/31/2015
Message: uncoordinated within this is the percentile chart for the presents challenge across we use in the schools army instates and Liam did seventeen petitions he was actually fun to 30 percentile rank for a six year

Name: Tisha McIver
Date: 03/31/2015
Message: From Lambs @ Lions...It's not just a message, It's A MOVEMENT!!